BIMI standard in Gmail

As of July 12, 2021, BIMI availability has taken a big hop forward as Google has announced general support for BIMI in its Gmail product. Gmail’s support, along with the support of other mailbox providers such as Verizon Media’s Yahoo! Mail, means that there are now roughly two billion mailboxes with the potential to show brand logos next to email messages.

What BIMI means for your brand ?

BIMI represents a massive opportunity for marketers to grow brand awareness and customer engagement:

  • Billions of potential new brand impressions
  • Increased email open rates (10% avg.) to boost ROI
  • Control over how your brand logo is displayed globally
  • Visual differentiation in the inbox improves engagement across devices

What should you do now ?

  • Become DMARC compliant (Percent option (pct) must be set to 100)
  • Make sure your logo is trademarked 
  • Ensure your logo is properly formatted
  • Purchase a VMC 
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