• Malicous Look-alike Domains Detection & Takedown Service

    Uncover and disarm lookalike and impersonation domains


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    Daily Detection of Domains Similar to Yours

    "Phishing" is the most frequently used method to steal data. It effectively targets an organization's employees, clients, or suppliers. To prevent these attacks, a basic preventive measure is to monitor suspicious domain name registrations on the internet, starting with those that resemble those of your organization.

    Furthermore, you have the option to automatically block these suspicious domains according to your preferences, whether within your M365 or within your security tools such as antispam, proxy, antivirus, firewall, or even SIEM, thanks to our connectors that provide you with the ability to seamlessly integrate these feeds directly into your security solutions.



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    Daily Detection of Domains Similar to Your Contacts

    To prevent phishing attacks, an advanced preventive measure involves monitoring suspicious domain name registrations on the Internet that bear similarities to those in your email contacts. This surveillance is based on defining a contact as an organization with which you have exchanged at least 5 emails in the past 7 days. We conduct daily monitoring to identify domains that resemble those in your contacts. This automatic detection is achieved through the analysis of your email traffic via DMARC reports. Furthermore, if your organization uses M365, one of our advanced features allows for the automatic blocking of similar malicious domain names as soon as they are detected by your M365 antispam solution. Moreover, we are equipped to deliver our clients an intelligence feed aimed at enhancing the detection prowess of their security solutions, covering SIEM, web proxy, firewall, and DNS blacklists.


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    Blacklisting and Domain Takedown Achieved Within Hours

    Once we identify one or several fraudulent similar domains that could potentially cause harm, we are prepared to take action upon your request. Through our global network of countermeasures, which includes cybersecurity specialized firms, government agencies, reputable anti-spam providers, trusted hosting services, and other key stakeholders, we take necessary steps to neutralize these harmful domains.Through rapid response efforts, we are able to achieve both blacklisting and domain takedown within a matter of hours.

    Furthermore, if your organization uses M365, thanks to one of our advanced features, malicious similar domain names will be automatically blocked by your M365 antispam as soon as they are detected.

  • Your Trusted Partner in Swift and Thorough Brand Abuse Mitigation

    To safeguard the reputation of your brand, prompt action is crucial in the event of brand abuse. DMARC.fr provides a fully managed service wherein potential threats are evaluated and analyzed by human analysts in our 16x7 Security Operations Center (SOC). Contrary to the claims of some competitors, the majority of procedures require professional manual follow-up to ensure proper and timely execution.


    Our team scrutinizes all potential cases of digital brand abuse or identity theft and, following consultation with our clients, we take action to remove the content as quickly and comprehensively as possible. Although it may not always be possible to erase all references to a brand, if a violation is detected, DMARC.fr takes the lead in removing such content. We do not merely send an automated email to an abuse reporting box. Rather, our team analyzes each instance of trademark abuse and devises the optimal strategy for removing the content. Drawing on our extensive industry experience, we have established a direct reporting process for the immediate removal of these incidents of brand abuse.

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