Are you looking for options to replace Dmarcanalyzer's premium service?


    Would you be interested in receiving intelligent alerts whenever a new legitimate system utilizes one of your domain names to send emails?

    Would you like to be notified in the event of extensive spoofing by hackers targeting one of your domain names? Furthermore, would you like to have the specific email address that has been spoofed provided to you?

    Moreover, would you like to be informed when domain names similar to yours or those of your business partners are registered?

  • SaaS Platform / Dashboards

    Access all Information with Just 3 Clicks, No Need to Open a New Page

  • Welcome page : Overview

    • Get a Summary of Your Domain Status with Domain Overview
    • The Advanced view consolidates hundreds of domains into a single, easy-to-understand aggregate view for streamlined management
    Sender Relationship Management

    Click 1 : Source Viewer

    • The second level view provides a comprehensive list of all email sources associated with a domain
    • With the AI-powered Red button, finding new legitimate sources is just a click away
    • Enhance knowledge management by leaving comments below each source for future reference
    • Prioritize and authenticate important email sources by tagging them as "Approved sender" for streamlined management
    • Improve your email authentication efforts by accessing tutorials specific to each email source, which are just a click away
    • Optimize teamwork and collaboration by assigning tasks to specific team members
    Easy and automatic detection of legitimate email sources

    Click 2 :  Detail Viewer

    Get a complete breakdown of email authentication details with the third level of view, providing valuable insights into email security

    Easy and automatic detection of legitimate email sources

    Click 3 : IP Viewer

    The fourth-level view provides a comprehensive list of existing IPs and their current blacklist status

    Easy and automatic detection of legitimate email sources
  • Lookalike Tracking and Alert System

    Our Lookalike Tracking and Alert System allows you to discover potential lookalike domain names on a dedicated page. This system constantly monitors their evolution, ensuring that any changes in the MX and blacklist status or the appearance of a new website are promptly detected. If you encounter a domain name that you suspect is infringing on your rights or causing harm, our system provides a straightforward process for submitting a takedown request.

    Countering Domain Impersonation: An Overview of Blocking Lookalike Domains

    There are additional options available to you, such as:

    • choosing to only display email sources that are passing/failing DMARC/DKIM/SPF checks;
    • choosing to only display email sources that have been marked as "approved sender" by users of the solution.
    • automatically selecting potential legitimate senders identified by dmarc.fr as having a high likelihood of being legitimate;
    • adding comments to a domain or to individual email sources.


    You can find all the necessary information on a single dynamic page, without having to sift through multiple pages of pre-made dashboards that may contain unclear information. You will no longer have to deal with the frustration of comparing two similar dashboards or explaining to your supervisors why an email source appears on both.

  • More features

    Stay one step ahead of phishing attacks

    Detection and Intelligent alerts

    Through the analysis of sending patterns and the utilization of applied statistics combined with machine learning, our system automatically identifies new legitimate sources that necessitate SPF and DKIM authentication. It also detects any attempts to spoof your domain names. To ensure proactive monitoring, you have the option to configure real-time alerts that will promptly notify you of these events. This empowers you to take immediate action, mitigating the risks associated with unauthorized access and fraudulent activities.

    DNS records auditing and alerting

    Every modification made to your DMARC, SPF, and DKIM records is meticulously recorded and monitored. In the event that a record is broken or compromised, you will receive an email notification, enabling you to quickly access the most recent functional version of the record and reconfigure it on your DNS servers with ease.
    You can also add comments associated with each DNS record to attribute authorship.

    Spoofed email address detection

    Our solution goes beyond simple detection of domain name spoofing by accurately identifying, in most cases, the specific email address that has been spoofed. This advanced capability allows us to quickly neutralize threats, offering robust protection for your clients and employees.

    DMARC Managed Services

    Directly in the SaaS tool, benefit from reliable feedbacks and recommendations from our experts. Ideal for a new email authentication project. The best quality/price ratio on the market.

    Malicious IPs and Lookalike Domains Take down Service

    Cyber attacks involving lookalike domains can be incredibly convincing and difficult to detect. We will monitor lookalike domains for you and help you take down lookalike domains that infringe your intellectual property rights or confuse your customers.

    IP & domain blacklist check and alerting

    Your IPs and domains are regularly checked against multiple blacklists. In the event that any of your IPs or domains are blacklisted, you will receive an email alert to inform you.

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